Great Himalaya Trails.

The Great Himalaya Trail is one of the longest and highest Alpine track in the world.

, Great Himalaya Trails., Himalayan Alpine Adventure, Himalayan Alpine Adventure
Great Himalaya Trail. 

The Great Himalaya trail GHT trekking routs crosses both well-known areas as well as other lesser-known sites that are very poor but have enormous tourism potential. The purpose of developing the Great Himalaya Trail is to promote the socio-economic benefits to the Himalayan communities. The Great Himalaya Trail covers 16 District ranging it from Dolpa that ends with the Tibetan plateau to Darchula with the border of India. The Great Himalaya trail trek offers diversity in terms of landscape Flora and Fauna, people and culture, from Snow Leopard to red Pandas, from subtropical jungles to fragile high altitude eco-system, from the famous Sherpa to Shamanism, to the ancient Bon Bhudist culture in Dolpa.

The original concept of the great Himalaya trail was to establish a single long distance trekking trail from the East end to West end of Nepal that includes a total roughly 1700 kilometer long trek. There is a proposed trial of more than 4500 kilometers stretching the length of the Greater Himalaya range from Naga Parbat in Jammu & Kashmir to Namche Barwa in Tibet thus passing through India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. If completed it would be the longest and the highest Alpine Hiking Track in the world.

The Great Himalaya trail High Route.

Nepal’s high routes start north of the Mt Kanchenjunga base Camp and end in Hilsa at Nepal Tibet border in the Western District of Humla.

, Great Himalaya Trails., Himalayan Alpine Adventure, Himalayan Alpine Adventure
Great Himalaya Trail, Kanchenjunga South Base Camp. Photo By: Tshering D. Sherpa 2010.

The trail stretches over a distance of about 1700 kilometer and passes through high altitude mountain landscape visiting some of the most remote villages on earth where life remains as it was centuries back. Trekking along the Great Himalaya Trail GHT high route crosses over high altitude up to 6146m and the whole trek takes about 150 days. Proper trekking gear and mountaineering equipment are needed and it should be physically fit. For the safety, to hire an experienced Sherpa guide is the best Idea to do the GHT. Running a total if 150 KM in a bit more than 24 days a South African trail runner Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel set a new fastest known time during the month of March in 2018 for the GHT.


Himalaya Trail GHT Lower route.

The lower route is shorter than the high route, the GHT low route stretches over a distance of 1500 kilometer and the whole trek will roughly take around 100 days. The GHT low route goes through the country’s mid Hills with an average altitude of 2000 meter high, however, there are many passes to cross with the highest being the Jungla at 4519m between Dhorpatan and Dolpa in western Nepal. Trekking along lower great Himalaya trail means walking through the forest, green rice terraces and fertile agricultural land providing the basis Nepal rich culture and civilization.

, Great Himalaya Trails., Himalayan Alpine Adventure, Himalayan Alpine Adventure

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